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The Meaning of Our Name - Masa

The 'Masa' (正) is Japanese term which means 'Right', 'True', or 'Honest'

We persue the right food, true service, and honest price

We will do our best to satify our customers and remind you of this meaning

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Owener's Comment

"いらっしゃいませ !" My name is Tom

Our mission is all about customer's satisfaction

We promise you having a good time with our delicious food, cozy atmosphere, and friendly service

Welcome to Masa !

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Open until 2AM with new Menu

Enjoy Japanese Ramen and Curry

Stay until midnight with Late night Special (9PM ~ 2AM)

You can find them out in our menu pages

Try new menu items and new taste in Masa !

Contact Us

+1 604-732-0112

1418 W Broadway,Vancouver, BC V6H 1H4

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